Publicación invita a disfrutar del patrimonio submarino de Chile

The new publication “Seven Must-see Destinations of Underwater Heritage and Chilean Natural History” invites you to enjoy diving in Chile!

The authors of the publication – the School of Ecotourism at Andrés Bello University in Viña del Mar, and its sponsors, SERNATUR and the Chilean Navy, developed this initiative to increase knowledge, conservation, sustainable interaction and promotion of Chile’s underwater heritage.

This project enhances understanding of the world of the blue depths, a silent guardian of Chile’s historical heritage, with flora and fauna as particular and diverse as the marine environment existing along the country’s extensive continental, Antarctic and island coastlines.

The project is centralized around the creation of a new tourism guide, capable of providing useful information to national and international tourists alike for discovering and exploring first-hand the beautiful landscapes of the Chile’s profound marine depths.

It also encourages a harmonious and respectful interaction with the underwater world including, marine life, marine habitats, and even the many shipwrecks that remain at the bottom of the end of the world.

The new project has been carefully designed and supported by national and international rules and regulations, and considering the guidelines of marine ecotourism.

With 4,200 km of coastline in the continental territory and 79,650 km in the austral archipelagos, an extension that comprises a considerable portion of the west coast of South America, Chile contains a vast scientific potential in the field of underwater cultural heritage.

This inherent characteristic is linked to Chile’s colorful maritime history. Since colonial times Chileans waters have been a commercial route to Europe, accounting for the existence of numerous shipwrecks, many of which are concentrated in the Strait of Magellan, the Chiloé ArchipelagoCoral Bay, the Bay of Valparaiso, and Juan Fernández Island.

Of the many destinations for incredible dives in Chile, seven were chosen by this project, spanning the entire coast from the northern zone to the far south, and including the central regions and island territories.

This selection of seven sites includes diving in IquiquePunta de ChorosLos MollesValparaisoJuan Fernández,Easter Island, and Punta Arenas.

Information and photographs are included in the publication about each destination, describing habitats, marine life, underwater landscapes, biodiversity, level of difficulty of the dives, and depths that can be reached.

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Source: Chile Travel

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